Monday, October 24, 2011

Latinos Are Using Smartphones and Tablets - Some Data For You

I'm doing some research on the usage of smartphones and tablets among U.S. Latinos. Lots of interesting information. Here are a few nuggets:

"Mobile serves as a key source of connectivity within the Latino community. They are more likely than the average household to have cell phones with Internet (55%) and video (40%) capabilities. With smartphone penetration of 45 percent, Latino cell phone ownership matches that of Asians."
- The Nielsen Company, April 2011)

- “Hispanics More Digitally Engaged Than General Population” BIGresearch® Simultaneous Media Usage® Survey (SIMM®17), Apr 21, 2011

One quarter (25%) of wired Latinos access the Internet through a cell phone and use it as their primary device for connecting to the Internet. Among those leading this trend are Latinas with 30% them reporting that their cell phone is the primary device used.
- "Hispanics Online - US" (Mintel International Group Ltd., April 2011)

I have more recent info, but I'm saving it for my client.

Not all Latinos have access to computers, so they are connecting to the Internet more frequently than other ethnicities with portable devices like smartphones and tablets. Why? To keep in touch with friends and family and download information anytime, from anywhere.

I have in iPhone; Linda has an iPad. We both use them to stay connected with our kids and friend via email and social media apps, get info from websites, listen to music on iTunes and other music sites, watch videos and movies from Netflix and other movie and TV sites ... much like a lot of other people we know. Oh yeah, and to do research every now and then (me, particularly).

How about you? Do you access the Internet on your smartphone and/or tablet?

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