Saturday, October 22, 2011

A warm day, a new blog, let's hope it lasts

I've tried blogging before and it just doesn't seem to stick. More to the point, I don't stick with it. So I am trying again. But just so you know that I've made an effort, you can look at my previous blogs. Just click on the links:

Blog de El Editor de LatinoLA
Atypical Latino Grandfather
Downtown Lalo

Each one corresponds to one facet of my life. Yes, I am El Editor de Yes, I am an atypical Latino grandfather, at least I like to think so. And I do live in downtown Los Angeles and my nickname is Lalo.

I am hoping that this blog is more reflective of the complexities of my being, the multiple circumstances I find myself in, the wide range of interests I dabble in and with, and the many interesting people I interact with on a daily basis. In other words, I have a whole lot going on, so I figured there should be one place to fit it all in.

So if you are here, now, come on back soon. I will do my best to write, post, link, stream, and/or publish frequently, regularly, consistently. Or maybe not. We'll see.

With that, here's a photo I took just this afternoon of my eldest granddaughter, Samina, who is 14 and currently living with my wife Linda and I in downtown L.A.:

She was decorating a sugar skull at the Los Angeles Central Library, where Linda works. It's almost Día de los Muertos, and it seems like all of L.A. is getting ready for it.

Here's a link to a review I read in the L.A. Times about the group Calle 13. I have one their songs, Atrevete y te, on my iTunes somewhere and I really like it.

And here's Photoshopped image given to me for at a surprise party the day before my October 15 birthday:

¡Qué viva la revolución!

Y hasta la proxima.

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  1. Abelardo! This picture was photoshopped--they took out all the troops that were behind you when we met! It was so impressive, I am truly sorry that the scores of camaradas are not depicted.
    Me? I hope to get my picture taken with Santa y el burrito (the animal, not the food) on Olvera Street for my Christmas picture.
    Occupy everything!!!! Guadalupe Gonzalez