Saturday, June 2, 2012

And now...I change the title of the blog

Even after years of working in digital media, soy medio tonto. The other half is pretty savvy, though. Back to work... From in-basket pile: Put band-aids and free soda coupon back in my wallet. Ride Aide $2 discount coupon. Sort out stuff: Receipts: Felix Muñoz at Olvera Street: $34.75 for authentic Guatemalan back pack/purse combo Homegirl Cafe: Chilaquiles, a black bean tostada, coffee and a great muffin $26.64 Border Grill: Tostada de ceviche, a mojito, a bloddy Mary and two tacos de papas. $45.95. Casa Golondrina (no website, surprising: Enchiladas de mole, plato de carnitas, guisado de pollo, two taco combo, two house margaritas, las tortillas. Two horchatas got sent back because they were "sour". $77.88 Business Cards: Mariachi Alma Latina: music for all accasions: Alfonso Alfaro 323-547-5497 Familia just dropped in!
Valentina, mi and Mila!

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