Tuesday, January 1, 2013

13 in 2013 Writers - Beginning - Going Home

Somehow I was included on this facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/writerschallenge/https://www.facebook.com/groups/writerschallenge/

The premise is simple:
"People who undertake the challenge will commit to writing a minimum of 13 minutes every day during cycles--no excuses."
 Here goes:
 I left my hometown, Wilmington, California, three times: The first when I joined the Army at age 17. The second: in 1977, I was 24 years old, married with three children, moved to Tacoma, Washington to start a new life. Stayed there for two years, followed by a move to Dallas, Texas, where we lived for a year. The last time I left, and remain away, was in 1992, before my youngest daughter Alicia was born, leaving the house I bought from my father, the house I grew up in from age 12 to 17, to a townhouse about two miles away in Harbor City, California.
 After a couple years there, I talked my family into moving to El Sereno, California, located just northeast of downtown Los Angeles. The family had expanded and contracted and expanded again by then. It was a rental ... a two story house purchased by the California Department of Transportation for the purpose of demolishing it to make way for the extension of the 710 freeway. The Long Beach freeway, which for some reason ended on the southern edge of El Sereno leaving about a 5 mile gap between it and the 210, which started its north bound trek on the western edge of Pasadena.
 We live there for a few years, until circumstances compelled us to move to South Pasadena, about seven miles from downtown L.A. and 25 miles or so from Wilmington. We were there for about 15 years, until this last move, to a loft in downtown Los Angeles, where we've lived for about two years and a half. 
 And now, we are seriously considering a move back home.    

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